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Services Insdustrial Endoscopy

The principle of endoscopy is to take light inside an object and get, from the outside, an image from its inside.

Visual inspection in places of hard access, by other ways of inspections, without the needs to disassemble the equipment. By this essay it is possible to verify superficial defects, incrustations and the internal conditions of the equipment.

Check some of the applications: inspections of risers; probes; engines; turbines; piping walls and flexible hoses, verification of potential corrosion in cavities and pressure vessels.

Users and Applications

  • Technical / Electrical Engineers Inspection eltetrodutos and transformers
  • Industrial Technicians / Engineers Inspections engines, turbines and piping
  • Technical / Engineer Aviation maintenance
  • Refineries Inspections of pipes and valves
  • WeldersInspection of solder
  • Cops Surveillance and Monitoring
  • HVAC Technicians Inspection in the field of heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Plumbers Inspection of sewer lines